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We live in South Carolina and owned a condominium in Georgia that we'd been renting to the same person for 13 years. The renter informed us he was moving. We didn't want to fool with finding anther tenant, so we contacted a gentlemen from, we agreed on a price within 2 days. We didn't have to repair or renovate anything. We received only 500 dollars less than we were asking! Thank you for making the transaction so smooth and painless.


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Cash is dedicated to getting you the most money for your house as quickly as possibly. That is why we offer you 2 (two) distinct home selling options, our Quick Sale Real Estate Agent Services and our Professional Home Buyer Services.

Our Quick Sale Real Estate Agents have been selected from around the nation because of their proven ability to help people sell their home quickly. They handle a large volume of home sales every year, and work closely with buyers so that you can get multiple offers on your home in a fraction of the time that a typical agent could promise.

Our professional, experienced home buyers can make you an offer for your property regardless of condition, age, repair needs or equity status. The only thing you need is a desire to sell. If you are shopping your home or don't really have a need to sell your home fast, our home buying service probably is not for you. Our home buyers buy houses from people who need quick deals and fast closes at a fair price.

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