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We live in South Carolina and owned a condominium in Georgia that we'd been renting to the same person for 13 years. The renter informed us he was moving. We didn't want to fool with finding anther tenant, so we contacted a gentlemen from, we agreed on a price within 2 days. We didn't have to repair or renovate anything. We received only 500 dollars less than we were asking! Thank you for making the transaction so smooth and painless.



Cash was founded in 1996. To date, the founders have processed over $75,000,000 in transactions and have developed six different businesses in real estate. This success has come from hard work, from treating people properly and fairly, and from a proven record of conducting business in an ethical manner.

To become North America's Premiere Home Buying Service

- Fairness, Honesty, and Reliability
- Respecting all individuals
- Being good stewards of company resources
- Working diligently as a team until problems are solved
- Being easy to work with; individually and corporately
- Listening to customers, employees and investors and valuing their ideas
- Being a community-minded organization

We want our business to grow as rapidly as possible while remaining true to our core values. These values represent whom we are as a business and the employees that make up our business. Our values are involved in all decision-making processes and recompenses our employees as individuals based on their contributions. Just as we aim to meet and exceed our customers expectations, we aim to provide our employees with an enjoyable and rewarding place to work.

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