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We live in South Carolina and owned a condominium in Georgia that we'd been renting to the same person for 13 years. The renter informed us he was moving. We didn't want to fool with finding anther tenant, so we contacted a gentlemen from, we agreed on a price within 2 days. We didn't have to repair or renovate anything. We received only 500 dollars less than we were asking! Thank you for making the transaction so smooth and painless.



You want to sell your house as fast as possible, for cash, and that's exactly what we help you do. Because each situation is unique, we actually offer you two different options for selling a house fast.

Professional Home Buyers
We have specially selected real estate investors across the country who buy houses with integrity and professionalism. When you submit your information to us, we deliver it to the home buyer in your area immediately. They then review the information and contact you within three business days at the latest. Then, if the situation is right for both you and the home buyer, they can buy your house for cash within just a few days, or on whatever schedule works best for you. For a variety of reasons, many situations may not be right for a home buyer solution, though, and for that reason, we offer a second great way to sell a house fast.

Quick-Sale Real Estate Agents
Real estate agents are definitely not all created equally. A select few have a set of buyers ready to go and have shown their ability to consistently sell homes very fast. We have sought out those individuals and deliver your information to them as well as soon as you submit it to us. Ultimately, you are left with two great solutions for selling a home fast and can evaluate the two based on your particular situation. Both the individuals who receive your information have met our exacting criteria for working with us, and we hold them accountable for their performance.

Additional Resources
In the process of selling your home, many steps often need to be taken. You may need to utilize the services of a moving company, a financial resource company, or any number of other additional resources in the home selling process. Cash Offers realizes this, and we want to help you by providing resources that match your situation's needs. Once we receive your information, moving companies will be calling you to offer free quotes.

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